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Race Report: Hard Rock Duathlon

Race Report: Hard Rock Duathlon, Tri-Logic Cornwall

location: Wheel Jane

After a few weeks of 13:30 starts on the local CX circuit, the 09:30 at the Hard Rock Duathlon was a bit of shock to the system.  And obviously, there was the racking up beforehand and the obligatory race brief. This all made for a slightly earlier Sunday morning than I would normally like.

The course consisted of two laps of a gruelling off-road 2-mile run loop, fifteen laps of the Wheal Jane circuit (0.8 miles per lap) 12 miles in total followed by one more lap of the run course, just to finish us off.

The weather conditions for the day were forecast to be windy, increasing to very windy and chilly, and they didn’t disappoint. So windy it blew away my race number and I had to make another. You gotta love winter duathlons…


Most competitors had ridden the bike circuit, so knew what to expect. Wheal Jane is a popular venue and often holds open days and events. However, the run route, for most folk was an unknown. I was fortunate and had an opportunity to ride the run route a week previous, so I did know what was in-store and decided to wear my super grippy Inov-8 Talons.


Inov-8 Talons

I knew the bike course had a couple of little climbs in so went for my lightweight Mavic wheels and road bike. I was very pleased to have gone for the Mavics, it’s amazing, even a little climb seems to get longer and steeper on each ascent and after 15 times up it, I was pleased for any weight saving.


I came out of the first run section in 8th place, I think. I am not very good at the fast starts the shorter faster races require, so I normally eas myself in slowly, probably too slowly. However, I knew I had done a decent amount of bike training running up to the event so I felt confident I could get some places back. After a short period of adjustment from running to cycling, my legs started to feel normal again and my pace increased. I came off the bike course in 5th place, which I was very happy with. Unfortunately, the gap to 4th was too great to bridge and I came out with 5th position overall.

Well done to everyone that competed in some tough conditions, particularly the lady on the shopper style bike who was the last rider on the bike route, but did not give up – Chapeau!

I feel it is important to stay around after your race has finished and support the prize giving ceremony and those still on the course. So After getting all togged up in my Dry-Robe and warm clothes I caught up with some familiar faces and waited for the prize -giving.


This was the first time this event had been held, and Tri-Logic did a great job. The overall course was tough and long enough with a good variation between an off-road run and a road bike section. This will be a good new edition to the winter calendar.

Spot prices from Giant Store Helston and memento

Spot prices from Giant Store Helston and Tri-Logic memento

It has to be said that without the organisers and supporters events like this would not go ahead so I have to say a big thank-you to:

Tri-Logic Cornwall and committee members

All the marshals, that braved freezing conditions

Wheal Jane

Giant Store Helston

Cover image by Jason Lloyd-King, many thanks J

Thanks for reading


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